Our active investment companies enjoy a first-class and long-term support. Together we lead our companies into the future.  


LVA is a market leader in laboratory analysis, inspection, certification and consulting, especially for food safety and quality. The company has its headquarter in Klosterneuburg, Austria and employs ca. 130 people. 

Website: www.lva.at

ASCon Systems

The ASCon Digital Twin establishes the link between technical planning and real production thus enabling the digital transformation across various industries. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany and has about 110 employees.

Website: www.ascon-systems.de


QuintaAnalytica is a leading clinical research organization for the global pharmaceutical industry providing a broad range of services including, analytical testing, clinical studies, and R&D. The company is headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic and employs more than 200 people globally. 

Website: www.quinta.cz


Gen-Plus is a technology and innovation expert for the pharmaceutical industry, from proof-of-concept to clinical trial samples and small batch GMP production. Founded in 1999, Gen-Plus is headquartered in Munich, Germany and employs more than 25 employs.

Website: www.gen-plus-e.com